Monday, 27 October 2014

Here we are again!!

I am finding my Facebook musings are getting a little long for the text box provided. Well what did I expect given my incessant verbal diarrhea and endless opinions about life, the universe and everything? So I decided to fire up the old Blog again and update the world on what is going on in the Nobby household. Just in case the world wants to know.

The latest interesting development is the sudden fearlessness of my now thirteen year old Poppet who has been to Thorpe Park Fright Night not once but twice in the last week. I have never braved it even once, but then I am a bit of a wuss; I can't even make it from the bed to the bathroom during the night, a distance of about 3 metres, without a full spotlight to guide the way and protect me from the nasties I am convinced lurk the shadows after dark.

I wonder if I had that teenage bravado back in the day, the one which had her strutting through the scary Horror Mazes, packed full of aspiring actors in full zombie make-up and a standing order not to break character under any circumstances or forfeit their minimum wage payment and bonus bucket of pick 'n' mix. Apparently while grown adults cowered along the walls then went flying out of these freaky labyrinths screaming hard enough to bring up a lung, having been separated from their friends and frightened out of their wits in settings such as the Blair Witch Project and Saw, my girl was trying to high-five the zombies and cop a go with the homicidal maniac's chainsaws.

These actors probably thought they were most at risk of being punched by some adrenalin-filled over-protective young blokes during their scaring stints, little did they bank on the cocky teen walking past their best beastly acting and flipping 'yeah, nice rags mate, you should get yourself to New Look.'

Meanwhile the boy has become something of a computer nerd and lost himself to cyberspace. We don't see much of him at the moment unless we are taking plates of food to his curtained off 'office' under his high-sleeper bed or retrieving his empties though we do hear his presence with the intermittent 'watch out! there's a creeper behind you!' or similar while he's battling in Minecraft with his mates, or 'Shut The Door!' if we've been remiss exiting his room after a food delivery.

In fact, he spends so long each day on the computer, especially at weekends when he rarely gets out of his PJs, that when we managed to drag him away for a trip into London yesterday we couldn't find any casual day clothes that actually fit him. We don't need to measure his screen time in hours any more, we can actually do it in centimetres of growth!  Whilst I am very impressed with the amazing Minecraft worlds he is building with his international team of 'devs' who he chats to constantly on Skype, I am now slightly worried that one day I will call him down to dinner and his chair will have to come with him because he can't physically prise his bottom out of it.

Anyway, half term is upon us and this time I am dumping the pair of them with my Mum and Dad while Nobby and me take off for a dirty long weekend in Seville to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. So it may go quiet for a few days here but I do plan to be back.