Monday, 15 May 2017

How Long?

I didn't realise how long I have neglected the Blog. Turns out to be several years. But then yesterday I realised that I never told my kids' bank our new address when we moved five years ago which would explain why I haven't had a statement in while. Clearly I have been busy.

Busy like this week accompanying 50 five year olds to Windsor Castle on a day trip. That was a lot of fun, although why did I have to get the one who announce 'I need a wee!' halfway round the tour of the state apartments when we were about a mile from the nearest royal chamber pot. Luckily the staff are used to this kind of emergency and cleared us a path to the nearest loo so we didn't have to find him a convenient Ming vase or something.

There's a lot of taxiing around still, including my errant husband who set off on a bike ride only to phone 25 minutes later to say 'I'm a fatty', Well, that's what I thought he said and I wondered why he felt the need for such sudden confessions. But of course he actually 'had a flatty' after cycling over a stray thumb tack, goodness knows how that ended up on a path by Dorney Lake.

Meanwhile the small people (one of which is bigger than me actually) keep coming up with jobs for me, but one I am very proud to carry out is filming my lovely daughter at her singing performances. So please have a look at the preceding entry to be wowed by her talents.

Promise to be back soon ... (heard that one before)

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